The Spark lab's mission is to build secure systems through novel architectures and program analyses. From quantifying health to intelligent cars, applications today work on extremely sensitive data and span mobile devices and cloud servers. Spark lab's current goal is to protect users' data from untrusted mobile and web applications, from malicious cloud providers, and from dastardly co-tenants in the cloud.


  • Qualcomm Faculty Award, 2018
  • Finalist, CSAW Applied Research Competition, 2018
  • Best Paper Runner-Up, HOST 2018
  • AMD Chair, Department of ECE, UT Austin, 2017-19
  • Qualcomm Faculty Award, 2017
  • Best Paper Award, ASPLOS 2015
  • NSF Career Award, January 2015
  • IEEE Micro Top Pick, Honorable Mention, January-February 2015
  • Google Faculty Research Award, 2013-14
  • Top 10 shortlist for NYU-Poly Best Applied Security Paper Award, 2013.


Group Members

Mohit Tiwari

I enjoy building new hardware-software systems that enforce well-defined security properties. Before joining UT, I received my PhD in UC Santa Barbara in 2011, and then worked as a post-doc at UC Berkeley.

Mikhail Kazdagli

My research interests span machine learning and program languages.

Team Member

Austin Harris

I am interested in designing secure processors and accelerators and prototyping them on a FPGA.

Team Member

Casen Hunger

I am interested in using machine learning and operating systems to build privacy-preserving systems.

Team Member

Rohith Prakash

I build side channel defenses and intelligent adversary models to quantify and bound theoretical information leakage.

Team Member

Ashay Rane

My research interests include compiler transformations for improving security, side-channel defenses, and public policy implications of cybersecurity.

Team Member

Aydin Aysu

I study the design, optimization, and secure implementations of next-generation cryptosystems. Before joining UT as a post-doc, I received my PhD from Virginia Tech in 2016.

Team Member

Willy Vasquez

I am interested in designing provably secure systems using cryptography and formal methods.

Team Member

Pranav Kumar

I am interested in leveraging machine learning techniques to solve security problems in architecture.

Team Member

Shijia Wei

I am interested in understanding tradeoffs between system performance and security and leveraging strengths from all layers towards a high-performance secure system.

Team Member

Prateek Sahu

My research interests lie in the domains of computer architecture, microarchitecture and security. I am eager to learn more about how hardware and software can interact to guarantee better data privacy.

Team Member